Can I Sue if I’m Injured by a Defective Pressure Cooker in Maryland?

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Can I Sue if I’m Injured by a Defective Pressure Cooker in Maryland?

Pressure cookers are a quick and easy way to make food in your home. It makes them very popular devices. However, if they are not made correctly, the devices can be defective and malfunctions can happen. When they do, it can result in severe injuries to the people who use them. These accidents have recently caused an increase in product liability lawsuits against the companies who make the devices, including Instant Pot, NuWave, Mirro, Cuisinart, Phillipe Richards, and more. If you were injured because of a defective pressure cooker, contact an experienced Maryland personal injury attorney for assistance handling these matters.

How Can a Pressure Cooker Accident Happen?

In order for a pressure cooker to function, all of its many different parts are required to work properly. For example, most of these devices have a safety valve that releases steam from the pot so that it can open safely. If the valve does not work exactly as it is supposed to, it can cause an “explosion” of 200-degree foods and liquids to happen. Other defective parts that can do this can include the lid, seal, gasket, or lock. When an explosion occurs, it can cause life-changing injuries such as severe burns, disfigurement, blindness, electrocutions, and more. It is also possible for damage to happen to the home, as there have been many pressure cooker recalls in the past due to fire hazards.

How Do I Sue for a Defective Product?

When a person is injured due to a defective pressure cooker and they want to pursue legal action against the company that produced it, they can file a personal injury claim. This can be done due to the design defects in the product. To prove that there was a design defect, the injured party must prove that a safer, economically efficient design exists. This can be done with the assistance of an attorney to gather the necessary evidence to prove negligence.

Injured parties facing these situations should keep the statute of limitations in mind during this time. This is because the statute of limitations is a deadline that they are required to meet when filing a personal injury claim. If they fail to do so, the individual can lose their opportunity to pursue legal action and recover compensation. In the state of Maryland, the statute of limitations is three years from the date of the injury to file a claim.

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